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The Limited Edition ‘1-in-10’, Endometriosis Awareness Box


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Product Description

Always posted out with the subscription boxes, on or around the 15th of every month. last date for purchase is the 14th of the month. December boxes are posted out on the 10th, so last day for Xmas Delivery is the 9th. Only 12 boxes will be stocked in December (more to come In 2020), and 20% of profits will go to a charity of choice (your chosen charity on Facebook or Instagram). Limited Edition Endometriosis Box will contain items vital for surviving a flare, and items that our current subscribers have said helped them through. The box will have a retail value of £60-£70, and the full items will be revealed in December. This is my chance to tell you ladies that you are strong- that this fight is arduous and sometimes lonely, and if only it was a man’s illnesses, because we all know there would be a cure by now (controversial, but true in my humble opinion).

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