How It Works

It really is simple, click on Get Started and choose the correct box If you select a pre-paid package, you will save money every month which means better value for your £'s.

Subscribe by the last working day of every month to receive the next month's box.

SALE2019 - Applicable on the following products: 30% off past boxes (not including the Endometriosis box or limited edition boxes. 20% off new subscriptions (not including the pre-paid plans). Normal dispatch times apply.

For example, all orders placed 1st-30th June are shipped on the 15th July- so on and so- forth.  The exception is for past boxes, these can be bought before the 14th of the month for postage with the sub boxes.

We ship worldwide - Hurrah!  We ship from the UK, so remember that postage worldwide will take longer.

 Limited Edition Boxes are always added on a Pre-Order bases until they come into stock. These will then be posted out with the next available posting date. The boxes are usually posted with a rough estimate of postage, which may be changed depending on wholesaler shipping times. These are not posted out straight away unless it states this on the listing.

The Come Back offer: Available for the first 3 boxes in a row. Normal discount T&Cs apply if subscription is cancelled before first shipment. Please see further T&Cs about this. Boxes must be order and will not be valid on paused or skipped renewals (coupon will be cancelled).

A portion of the profits are donated to the most amazing charity we know - The Flying Seagull Project.

Terms & Conditions

For subscriptions after the 1st June 2019: You can cancel or suspend your box when you like - just log in to your account and click the right button.

If you pay between the 1st-last day of the month, you will receive the following month's box, which may take up to 3 weeks to arrive, depending on your location and courier. 

We aim for dispatch day to be before the 15th of the month, but sometimes, we have to wait for late stock. You will be notified if this happens and we apologise in advance.

In the case that a listed item can not be shipped overseas, a replacement item will be found. No profit is made on postage and the cost of packaging is built into the cost of the box. In instances of damage/loss of boxes by our courier, we will investigate  and, once we know what has happened, act to remedy the situation.

Boxes will contain 4-7 items per month and have a RRP of between £30-£55. RRP is given by the wholesaler and is not controlled by The Self Care Subscription Box.

You are solely responsible for cancelling your own subscription and there are no refunds once payment is taken (as stock is ordered the next day). If you cancel more than twice, you will then be put onto an automatic 3 month minimum subscription on your third sub order. all your loyalty points are deleted when you cancel and cannot be reinstated. 

If the wrong address is submitted on check out, this cannot be changed Due to software. A cost of £5 will be required to pay for another postage label; When and if the items come back. If the items do not return within 21 days (the statutory time for business returns), the buyer will be given the option to receive a refund of 50% or pay for the box at cost price plus postage.

This also goes for boxes returned and the address is correct (or the 'normal' address). It costs £14.25 (£7.90 +VAT charge plus £4.95) to resend due to the cost of the return service and 2nd dispatch.

We cannot refund orders if you order the wrong product as your order has been processed and goods were ordered for the correct numbers. most boxes include food items and under health and safety, we cannot accept or exchange these items. we Lose all the money if boxes are returned as returns cost around £18, the cost of the packaging cost £4, postage , £6 and all the goods. We make pennies in this business and every stock item is ordered specifically for you. No refunds or return are accepted.

FREE BOX OF GOODIES OFFER (January 2020). New sign ups receive a box of goodies with their 3rd box. Minimum 3 month subscription. Includes pre-paid plans. RRP £15 of goods for month to month or 3 months plan. £30 of goods for a 6 month plan and £60 of goods for 12 months. No goods will be sent if subscription is cancelled before the 3rd box ships out.

Current/cancelled or lapse subscribers only receive free goods if they purchase a pre-paid plan (3/6/12 months). Same rewards applies.

Those who subscribe then quickly cancel their subscription (especially those who use a discount code), are given the option for a refund or to pay for the one-off box option. due to the huge cancellation fees we are charged for this situation.  Those who have subscribed and cancel before their first box is cancelled will be sent an invoice  to cover the cost of a one-off box before postage. if they wish to cancel, a maximum refund of £1.56 is refunded and no items sent. This covers the packaging, stock, admin fees and restocking fees. 

If you process a Paypal claim and win, you will be sent a county court claim form as the Terms and Conditions are accepted on purchase.

If you are not available for delivery the post office will leave at a local sorting office, please collect this within 10days or it will be posted back to me at a further cost to my business, this is a cost that cannot be refunded along with the cost of the stock and packaging. Failure To collect is not a fault of TSCSB, especially is you are not at home for some time. 

Any cancellations before shipment will be refunded a maximum of £1.55 due to stock purchases and administration charges already Spent. This takes up to 30

days to appear in your bank. 

Payments: Payment will appear as ‘TSCSB’ on your statement. we could not fit The Self Care Subscription Box on the small decriptor. 

If you do not cancel your subscription and it renews, we are unable to refund you. Payments are processed and stock ordered,  we only make £1.56 per box (as we will be out of pocket with stock and admin fees), and this would be the maximum any refund would be and would take up to 30 days to show in your account. You need to make sure you cancel or suspend your subscription before the renewal date.

Returned and undelivered boxes: cannot be refunded. Postage charges and stock have already been allocated. A maximum of £1.56 will be refunded if a refund is required, otherwise if the purchase demands a second attempt, the card will be charged a further fee of £6.50 to cover postage  and packaging Seeing as there will be a returns fee already paid and the box will be repackaged and sent.

All boxes that track as delivered cannot be refunded. If you are missing your parcel up I must contact Royal Mail who will take up the investigation with you. They should be able to provide you and I with the GPS signal showing you that it was delivered to your house. They will give you more information. We are not liable for this issue. 

Items are non exchangeable; we are unable to swap items or exchange before or after a box is posted. We are realistic and know that people differ in taste and that not all items will be to your liking - but all items are brand new and can be given as gifts to friends and family (or re-sold!).

We are not liable for your country's customs charges as we are legally liable if we misuse the N22 customs declaration (i.e., we are required to list all contents and value). 

You may suspend your subscription for a maximum of 2 months per calendar year (either in succession or separately). 

If there is a need for a refund, this will take up to 15 working days as it is processed by Stripe or PayPal. This is something that is out of our control, in line with UK Money-Laundering Laws.

If you box is lost or damaged in the post (after investigation), we will give you the option for a next box credit or voucher for a one-off box. We may have left-over boxes to send, but this may become a problem when they are sold out. Photographic evidence of damaged products is required and you must return these items at your own expense unless an investigation proves the courier is at fault. We can not replace or refund any boxes that have been signed for and delivered (proved GPS and signature from Royal Mail). We can give you the tracking details and you just take this up with your local post office. Not can we replace or refund boxes that are Reported lost, stolen or undelivered more than 5 days after delivery. All customers are notified of their tracking number and are tracked and traced. We do not track every parcel our end (due to the sheer volume of parcels), so it is up to the customer to make sure that their parcel is tracked their end with details provided. Boxes are not swappable (You Cannot exchange one theme for another), nor receive refunds for subscription themes you ‘don’t like’. 

If you signed up before the 1st of June then you confirmed on check out that the subscription will last for a minimum of three months. If you cancel before you recieve your first box, you will be charged the remaining amount via invoice. This will be sent to you either via PayPal or by post. If the payment fails to be paid within 28 days, our solicitor will be instructed to take further action. 

Any form of harassment, rudeness, bullying and threatening behaviour will not be tolerated on here, via email, text or on any of my social media accounts will not be tolerated and reported to the police.

If you have any other questions, please contact us on

FREEBOX OFFER: Cannot be exchanged. Box will be worth £15,£30,£60 depending on the length of prepaid subscription you have purchased. You will receive the original box with your first box shipping out on the 15th December.  Open to all subscribers not just new subscribers- but only those who purchase a pre-paid plan. You cannot cancel this subscription or receive a refund. You can cancel but this will come into play when your subscription period has ended and you just do this by visiting your account and cancelling it. Items are non-exchangeable and boxes are randomly sent to you (they are pre-packed and ready to send now). They are a complete surprise. Box value is measured against new and non-sale RRP from manufacturer or wholesaler. All items are new. Boxes of items will be sent out in January with the 2nd shipment. Subscribers can use this code again to buy further subscriptions for friends. Only one free box per customer.

We do not offer any review boxes for free - we are a very small company that have very limited boxes left per month and cannot afford to give anyone anything for free. If you email us with a request, we will not be able to reply. 


Use of Data

PRIVACY AND USE OF YOUR DATA: The Self Care Subscription Box acts as a data controller and gathers personal data of customers for the sole purpose of fulfilling subscription box orders. Personal data will include your name, postal address, telephone number and email address. Personal data is collected through our subscription partner CrateJoy, for the processing of any subscription order You can read the privacy policy of CrateJoy at The Self Care Subscription Box will use the details you supply throughout the process of fulfilling your active subscription and associated product shipments. The Self Care Subscription Box will never supply your details to any third party that is not relevant to the processing of your order. The Self Care Subscription Box will retain your personal data for a period of 6 years to comply with UK tax regulations. Should you wish for The Self Care Subscription Box to delete any of your personal data , please put this in writing to The Self Care Subscription Box will delete your personal information unless there are compelling and legitimate grounds to continue using the information or if it is required on legal grounds. The Self Care Subscription Box will also collect your email address, should you request to join the mailing list to be kept up to date with news and offers. Data is held within a Mailchimp account and you can read the Mailchimp privacy policy here: . You can unsubscribe from The Self Care Subscription Box mailing list at any time using the unsubscribe button at the bottom of all emails. The Self Care Subscription Box is curated and run by The Self Care Subscription Box. PO Box 412, Leeds, LS19 9LG. We act as the Data Controller of your information. 

SUBSCRIPTION TERMS: After placing an order on our website, you will receive an email acknowledging that we have received your order. Completing the process of signing up to a monthly subscription, represents your offer to purchase goods from The Self Care Subscription Box. Our email acceptance of your order brings into existence a legally binding contract between us, this contract only to the products that we have confirmed in the order confirmation. Subscription to our service consists of an initial charge, followed by a recurring charge on a regular basis, currently once a month on the date specified within your member login area. By entering into this agreement, you acknowledge that your subscription has a recurring monthly payment feature. By subscribing to our service, you are agreeing to pay recurring charges for an indefinite time until cancelled by you or by us. You can cancel at any time up until the date of the recurring monthly payment. You may also pause your subscription for a period of one or two months by logging into your account area. To cancel your subscription, you must log-in to your account section of the website, or alternatively email to request cancellation and await confirmation of this. If you cancel your subscription, you may re-subscribe at any time. However, this will be at the current monthly subscription amount and you lose any privilege of previous lower subscription prices by choosing to cancel your subscription. 

SHIPPING: Currently we ship to all areas of the world. Should your package arrive damaged, please notify us by email immediately to with photographic evidence to allow us to investigate this with the courier. We do not take any responsibility for parcels left in pullover/ exploded ‘safe places’,

especially near bins. This needs to be taken up between you and Hermes after they provide a proof email of delivery, along with a signature, our insurance will not cover these loses.  Failure to make us aware of a missing box a week after postage date (the 15th of the following month), means your claim is invalid and no refund or product can be sent due to the courier not processing a claim afterthis date.

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE: In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with our service or products, please put this in writing to and allow us 31 days to investigate this and respond accordingly.

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