About Us... well, Me..

Welcome! This is just a little introduction about me and the box. Firstly, this used to be MeriBeeMe, but with so many people not grasping the name, I decided to rebrand to something more befitting of where the business was heading; so The Self Care Subscription Box was born!

Back to me. I am not very interesting but here goes. I am 37, and I live in Leeds with my little girl, who is the light of my life. I am desperately trying to finish my degree, so this bit may change to say Graduate at some point... who knows?! I grew up in a little tiny town called Sandy, in Bedfordshire, then lived for a time in Essex. I moved up north in 2011. 

Until then I led a relatively normal life, working full time at a job I loved and had tons of friends plus hobbies. After a 12-hour shift for the East of England Ambulance Service, I would finish my day with a relaxing 2 hour ice-skate. I stayed up late, every night, worked long hours and overtime without any issues and went out with my mates to pubs clubs and theme parks. Life was good….

I remember developing chronic fatigue around 1993 after being diagnosed with PTSD, I was only 11, so I just carried on as any teenager would (and the lie-ins were just what I thought was normal for my age). I then started to miss school and my straights A's turned into D's (hence being back at university now). I felt (and still feel) very misunderstood and alone.The pain gradually increased after moving to Yorkshire and I developed Vitamin D deficiency. Depression settled in after losing close contact with my friends. It didn't help that the ambulance service has left me with severe health anxiety.

The term Fibromyalgia started appearing on my medical files in 2010, and opioids were frequently in my regular meds, this has built up to Oral Morphine, which I am trying my hardest to wean myself off, although there is nothing else that works personally for me or my Restless Leg Syndrome. 

I also have the following conditions:

* Hypertension    

* Hypermobility

* Heart Disease  

* Asthma

* Fibromyalgia     

* Biliary Dyskinesia

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  

* Anxiety / Depression / Self-Doubt

* Panic Episodes from Childhood PTSD  

* Health Paranoia (post-ambulance service)

* Aspergers

* Hiatus Hernia    

* … I could go on.

My daughter is both my driving force & my reason to live. I constantly tell her that despite obstacles, or how much pain mummy is in, that dreams are possible. No matter what gender, age or where you live. We are all capable of choosing our own path, challenging common misconceptions of someone with a chronic condition. 

Now is the time to make people know the truth: that we aren't just benefit scroungers or opioid addicts, on the contrary we want to lead a fulfilling life just as anyone else does. I hope that you will join me on the social media platforms to connect with other subscribers and disability advocates. United, we will make a change.        

So, the box...

I was chatting with a friend (who has Cystic Fibrosis) and all l wanted to make her feel special and loved,  That really is the whole ethos behind the my subscription box. I want all my subscribers to feel like they are not alone. Each box will be themed differently and will contain lots of lovely items, with a RRP between £35-£60, per box.  

Are you ready to subscribe to The Self Care Subscription Box?

I really do believe that more people need to make a buzz about what they are facing on a daily basis and we need to reach others who simply do not know where to turn or who to talk to. And this includes all ages!!We need to create a buzz around the lack of diagnosis, the lack of research and support or even red tape when it comes to vital medicines. Let's work together to make it comfortable for people to ask questions and understand what we all face when we have a flare, a bad day or a panic attack. 

We need to change common 'suggestions' like "Just smile more" / " Boys don't like skinny girls" / "It's all in your head" / "Stop being so lazy, get up and it will make you feel better" / "Why do you have a Blue Badge, there is nothing wrong with you!". 

So, all that is left to say is thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you enjoy my lovely box.